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Create an Application: Overview

Applications are the starting point for all your endeavours on the wildcloud platform. Learn about the various ways you can create an application.

On wildcloud, an application is defined as a collection of packaged WordPress-based instances that behave as individual WordPress installations, but are managed via a standardized codebase. These WordPress instances are referred to as “tenants”, and are controlled via

“versions”. Overall, your application contains all the objects in the platform: versions, tenants, snapshots, and backups.

wildcloud offers four different ways to create an application.

In this documentation, we will provide you with an overview of creating an application through the following sections:

  • Create from scratch
  • Import from existing WordPress site
  • Create a Storefront
  • Choose from a different starting point

Let’s get started 🚀

Create from scratch

Choosing this option will enable you to create an application from scratch. You need to name your application, choose the location for your application, and select the version of WordPress and PHP that your version will run on. Creating an application from scratch gives you an application with a version that contains nothing but an empty WordPress install.

For more information, refer to the Create an Application From Scratch documentation.

Import from existing WordPress site

Choosing this option will let you create an application by importing from the existing WordPress site as a version and later as a tenant. To import an application, you need to download the migration plugin and create an API key and secret for the application.

For more information, refer to the Import From Existing WordPress Site documentation.

Create a Storefront

Choosing this option creates a storefront that includes a version, snapshot, and tenant. The storefront is an application that uses wildcloud API to provision and manage tenants on the wildcloud platform.

For more information, refer to the Create a Storefront documentation.

Choose from one of the other starting points

There are other starting points available. These contain preconfigured applications that act as a scaffold for your unique product.

For more information, refer to the Choose from the Application Library documentation.