What is resource based pricing?

Resource-based pricing is a billing strategy where the cost of a service is directly tied to the amount and type of resources it consumes.

Next to container usage on metered pricing, resource based pricing is applied to various components critical to the operation of your applications. Here's how each component factors into the resource-based pricing model:

Backups: Ensuring your data's safety, backups are a vital resource. The first 5 GB per tenant is free, with subsequent storage billed per GB. You can choose from various backup frequencies, from monthly to hourly, each with a different cost implication.

Cronjobs: These automated tasks, essential for maintenance and operational functions such as sending confirmation emails, are priced based on their frequency. Daily cronjobs are free, with more frequent tasks, up to every minute, incurring additional charges.

Versions: When actively developing, you might use different versions of your application. There's a base cost for maintaining a version of $2 per month, and additional charges apply based on the number of hours the version is running.

Snapshots: Snapshots capture historical states of your application and can be used to create templated sites. The first 5 GB is free, with extra storage available at an additional cost.

For a comprehensive breakdown of costs and to determine which resources best fit your needs, you can consult our detailed documentation on Version ManagementCronjobsBackups, and Snapshots.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is available to guide you through the resource-based pricing model to optimize your wildcloud experience.