How does usage based hosting work?

Usage based hosting is designed to provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness for WordPress applications

Usage based pricing is an efficient system tailored to accommodate the unique demands of your applications. This plan ensures that you have full control over your resource allocation and billing, providing a cost-effective solution. Here's a closer look at how it functions:

Resource Configuration: You have the freedom to define your application's resource usage by setting a minimum and maximum number of containers. This scalability ensures that your resources align with your current needs.

Billing Based on Usage: Charges are precisely based on your actual consumption, calculated by the total number of container hours utilized across your subscription for the month.

Container Types: A selection of container types is available, including Small, General Purpose, and Heavy Duty, each offering specific CPU and memory configurations. You can seamlessly switch between these container types at any time to best fit your application requirements.

Cost Estimation: With usage based pricing, you can estimate your monthly costs by considering the minimum and maximum usage thresholds for your containers. The minimum sets your baseline cost, while the maximum caps your potential expenditure.

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