Cost Breakdown for a one tenant in a Professional Services WaaS

If you're in the market for a Website as a Service (WaaS) offering portfolio sites such as professionals services like lawyers and doctors, this guide is for you.

If you're in the market for a Website as a Service (WaaS) offering portfolio sites such as professionals services like lawyers and doctors, this guide is for you. We'll walk you through a detailed cost calculation for one tenant within an application on wildcloud. Let's dive into the numbers and see how cost-effective and efficient your WaaS can run.

Selecting the Right Container

For professional websites that don't require many features—like those for lawyers and doctors—a Small Container is sufficient. Here's what you get with a Small Container.

  • CPU: 1 VCPU
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Cost per month: $12.00
  • Cost per hour: $0.01369

For more information on the various types of containers on wildcloud visit the Container Selection Guide.

Scaling Configuration

Professional services websites, such as those for local lawyers and doctors, typically have lower traffic because they serve a smaller, localized client base. Therefore, they don't need as much server power. Here's a suggested scaling configuration for these low traffic sites:

  • Minimum Scale: 0.1 container (this means you're using 10% of a full container's resources)
  • Maximum Scale: 0.4 container (this caps the resource usage at 40% of a full container)

To clarify, scaling in wildcloud is based on full containers. For this example, we're assuming you have 10 tenants (10 separate professional service websites). This allows us to scale down to 0.1 of a container because you always need at least one full container to distribute among your tenants.

Calculating Peak Utilization

Peak utilization refers to the times when your websites are getting the most traffic, which we estimate to be 15% of the month. With a month averaging 730 hours, 15% peak hours would be about 109.5 hours or 4.5 days. This estimate helps us calculate the cost of running your container during the busiest times.

Backup and Cronjob Configuration

For backups, you can set a weekly schedule, which strikes a balance between safety and cost. And for those essential tasks that need to run regularly, like appointment bookings, you can set the cronjobs at 15-minutes.

Detailed Cost Analysis

Now, let's break down the costs for one tenant. We'll look at a standard traffic scenario typical for professional services websites and an increased traffic scenario for busier months.

Standard Traffic Scenario

In a standard month with typical low traffic, the costs per tenant, assuming 10 tenants, are as follows:

  • Base Cost: $2.00 (the fixed cost for the basic services provided by wildcloud)
  • Container Cost (Non-peak): $0.85 (the cost of running your container outside of peak times)
  • Container Cost (Peak): $0.60 (the cost of running your container during peak times)
  • Backups: $0.38 (the cost for weekly backups)
  • Cronjobs: $0.50 (the cost for running automated tasks every 15 minutes)

Total for a Standard Month: $4.33

Increased Traffic Scenario (e.g., October)

During busier months, such as those with seasonal marketing campaigns or events, traffic can significantly increase. For example, in October, which includes events like Black Friday, peak hours can rise to 45% of the month, for example.

  • Base Cost: $2.00
  • Container Cost (Non-peak): $0.85
  • Backups: $0.38
  • Cronjobs: $0.50

Adding the Peak Container Cost for an increased traffic month: 328.5 hours * $0.01369/hour * 0.4 = $1.80 approximately

Total for a High Traffic Month: $5.53


For professional services, your monthly costs per tenant will typically range from $4.33 to $5.53, depending on your chosen scaling configuration and the monthly traffic variations. However, the figures provided here offer a simplified example of potential costs. In reality, traffic fluctuations are more dynamic and can lead to different cost implications each month. To understand how these fluctuations can affect costs in a real-world scenario, refer to our article on Fluctuating Load and Cost

For a deeper dive into container configurations and scaling, please refer to our Container Configuration Guide.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our support team is eager to help you navigate every step of your wildcloud journey.