Container Selection Guide for Usage-Based Pricing

Choosing the right container for your application is essential for balancing performance with cost.

Choosing the right container for your application is essential for balancing performance with cost. wildcloud's usage-based pricing offers flexibility by allowing you to pay only for the actual container hours used. This guide will assist you in selecting the most suitable container type for your application's unique demands.

Understanding Container Types

Small or General Purpose Container

Ideal for: Lighter applications such as small business websites, blogs, and personal portfolios that have moderate traffic and resource requirements.

General Purpose Container

Ideal for: A wide range of applications, including medium-sized e-commerce sites, CRMs, and educational platforms that require a balance of performance and affordability.

Heavy Duty Container

Ideal for: Resource-intensive applications like large e-commerce platforms, enterprise-level SaaS, and applications with high user concurrency that demand robust computing power.

Usage based pricing

With usage based pricing, you have the flexibility to select a minimum and maximum number of containers to serve your application, ensuring you only pay for what you use. Here's how it works:

  • Minimum Containers: The baseline number of containers that are always running to serve your application.
  • Maximum Containers: The upper limit of containers that can be automatically scaled up to meet peak demand.

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Benefits of usage based pricing

  • Cost-Efficiency: Pay only for the resources you actually use, which can be more economical than fixed pricing models.
  • Scalability: Automatically scale resources to match demand, ensuring your application performs well during peak times without overpaying during off-peak times.
  • Flexibility: Adjust the minimum and maximum number of containers as your application's needs change over time.


Selecting the right container type under the metered pricing plan is a strategic decision that can lead to significant cost savings and improved application performance. By understanding your application's typical and peak resource demands, you can tailor your container usage to match your specific needs. Please contact our support team. We're here to help you optimize your application's hosting strategy.