Cost breakdown for one tenant with an E-commerce website

For an e-commerce website on Wildcloud using a General Purpose Container, here's the cost breakdown based on the provided configuration:

Tenant Base Cost: $2 per tenant
Container Configuration: General Purpose Container
Scaling Configuration: Minimum of 0.2 containers per site, scaling up to 1 container during peak traffic
Cronjobs: Running every minute

Traffic Capacity:
With a minimum of 0.2 containers per site, your e-commerce website can handle a moderate amount of traffic. If traffic increases, the system can scale up to 1 full container to accommodate higher traffic volumes for two days in the month.

Cost Components:

  1. Container Resources: The General Purpose Container costs $17 per month for full usage.
  2. Cronjobs: Running every minute incurs a cost of $0.60 per tenant per month.
  3. Tenant Base Cost: There is a fixed cost of $2 per tenant.

Example Calculation:

  • Minimum Container Usage (0.2 containers for 28 days): $3.40 (20% of $17) for 28 days is $3.40 * (28/30) = $3.20
  • Peak Container Usage (1 full container for 2 days): $17 (full monthly cost) for 2 days is $17 * (2/30) = $1.13
  • Cronjobs (every minute for the entire month): $0.60
  • Tenant Base Cost: $2

Total Monthly Cost for One Tenant:

  • Container Resources at Minimum Usage: $3.20
  • Container Resources at Peak Usage: $1.13
  • Cronjobs: $0.60
  • Tenant Base Cost: $2

Total: $3.20 + $1.13 + $0.60 + $2 = $6.93

Therefore, the total monthly cost for hosting one tenant with the specified configuration on wildcloud is $6.93. This cost includes the use of a General Purpose Container for 28 days at minimum usage and 2 days at peak usage (read more about peak usage under Managing the Application Configuration), cronjobs running every minute, and the base cost per tenant.