What's the white-glove onboarding process?

Launching a WordPress as a Service (WaaS) platform involves a series of strategic and technical steps that are critical to the success of the service.

wildcloud's White Glove Onboarding

Launching a WordPress as a Service (WaaS) platform involves a series of strategic and technical steps that are critical to the success of the service. wildcloud's onboarding process is designed to support clients through this journey, ensuring that every aspect of the launch is professionally managed and executed.

Strategic Planning and Consultation

The onboarding process begins with a series of strategic planning and consultation sessions. These sessions are crucial for wildcloud to understand the client's objectives and to tailor the onboarding experience to their specific goals. The aim is to create a strategic alignment that will guide the subsequent steps of the onboarding process.

Flexible Communication Channels

Effective communication is key to the success of any project. wildcloud offers a variety of communication methods to accommodate different preferences and requirements. Clients will experience both synchronous video calls with a dedicated account manager for real-time support or asynchronous communication methods for convenience and flexibility.

Developer Support for Setup and Configuration

wildcloud provides direct access to experienced developers who assist with the setup of the WaaS plugin suite, configuration, and platform demonstrations. This level of support ensures that clients are not only familiar with the system but are also capable of utilizing it to its full potential.

Product Design Guidance

The design and pricing structure of a WaaS are critical factors that influence its market success. wildcloud's team offers guidance on product design that is optimized for the wildcloud platform.

Ensuring a Fully Operational Launch

The onboarding process is not considered complete until the client's solution is fully launched and operational. wildcloud works closely with clients to ensure that their WordPress build is functional and ready for market.

The Turbo Plan for Advanced Support

For clients who require additional support, wildcloud offers the Turbo Plan. This plan includes access to our Plugin Licensing Manager for automated WordPress plugin licensing and developer hours to create custom checkout flows. In the Turbo plan, our experts will also advise on the best possible application configuration based it’s performance and requirements. The Turbo Plan is designed for clients who need a higher level of assistance to meet their specific requirements.

Professional Support for Your WaaS Launch

wildcloud's onboarding service is a professional and structured approach to launching a WaaS platform. By scheduling a call with wildcloud today, clients can take the first step towards a successful WaaS launch with the support of experienced professionals.

wildcloud is dedicated to providing the support necessary to launch your WaaS platform effectively. Contact us to begin the onboarding process and ensure a smooth and professional launch.