How is the usage based hosting calculated on wildcloud?

Usage based pricing on wildcloud is calculated based on the actual usage of resources by your applications, with charges accruing hourly

    This means that you are billed for each hour that a container is running, rather than being charged a flat monthly fee regardless of usage.

    Here's how the calculation works:

    • Container Usage: Each container's usage is tracked hourly. The cost per hour depends on the type of container you are using. For example, a Small Container costs $0.01369 per hour, a General Purpose Container costs $0.02329 per hour, and a Heavy Duty Container costs $0.03424 per hour.
    • Resource Allocation: You have control over the tenant resource allocation through the application configuration settings. This means you can adjust the resources allocated to each tenant, which in turn affects the number of containers used and the overall cost.
    • Additional Usage: Other components such as backups, cronjobs, versions, and snapshots are also billed based on usage. For instance, backups are free for the first 5 GB per tenant, after which you are charged $0.05 per GB per month. Cronjobs have varying costs depending on frequency, with a daily cronjob being free and more frequent jobs incurring a small charge per tenant, per month.

    At the end of the billing cycle, all the hourly charges for container usage, along with any a base cost per tenant of $2 plus additional usage fees for backups, cronjobs, versions, and snapshots, are totaled to calculate your final bill. This approach ensures that you only pay for the resources you actually use, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses as tenant websites fluctuate in workload.