How do I set up a CDN?

To set up a CDN on wildcloud, you can follow these general steps

To set up a CDN on wildcloud, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Purchase a Tenant and Specify a Domain:
    • A customer buys a tenant on wildcloud and specifies the domain they wish to use.
  2. Provision Tenant via WPCS API:
    • Call the wildcloud API (costum or via the WaaS plugins) to provision a tenant under the specified domain.
    • wildcloud will provision the tenant and wait until the domain verification is complete to make it the main domain.
  3. Create a New Domain on CloudFlare:
    • Use the CloudFlare API to create a new domain that will be used for the CDN.
  4. Instruct Customer to Set Up DNS:
    • After the tenant is provisioned on wildcloud, instruct the customer to set up their DNS to point to CloudFlare. This typically involves adding specific A records provided by the CloudFlare API.
  5. DNS Propagation and Activation:
    • Once the customer has configured their DNS correctly and the changes have propagated, CloudFlare will begin serving the website data from wildcloud through the domain in question.

For detailed instructions and assistance, you can refer to the documentation by wildcloud and CloudFlare, or contact wildcloud support via the support channel in the wildcloud console.