Does wildcloud provide FTP access to my WaaS environment?

No, FTP is not allowed on wildcloud. The platform is designed to keep your whole application scalable, and direct access to the filesystem is not permitted.

No, wildcloud does not provide FTP access. The platform's multi-tenant architecture means that file changes could impact all tenants using the same version of plugins, themes, or language files. Moreover, changes to configuration files such as wp-config.php would be transient, lasting only as long as the container's lifetime.

Alternatives to FTP on Wildcloud:

  1. Version Control Systems: qildcloud encourages the use of version control systems like Git for managing and deploying code changes. This method offers better tracking of changes and collaboration among team members.

  2. wildcloud Console: For content management and certain site configurations, wildcloud provides a user-friendly dashboard. This interface allows for safe and controlled modifications without the need for direct file access.

  3. Plugin and Theme Management: wildcloud's multi-tenant cloud infrastructure offers  the possibility for updating and managing plugins and themes in a centralized and scalable  way. 

  4. Support Channels: If you need to make changes that would typically require FTP access, wildcloud's support team can guide you through the available options or provide assistance to ensure that your changes are implemented in a safe and compliant manner.

  5. API Access: For advanced users, wildcloud might offer API access to perform certain actions programmatically, which can be an alternative to direct file manipulation.

For specific needs or custom solutions, it's recommended to contact wildcloud's support to discuss the most appropriate tools and processes for your WaaS environment.