Dashboard overview

The dashboard provides the user with the ability to create an application, easily manage the subscription plan, view the applications created and deployed to the console, and manage the profile. 

Additionally, the dashboard also provides quick access to the knowledge base of the platform and an option to connect with the support team.

In this documentation, we will explore the wildcloud dashboard interface which is divided into the following sections.

  • Applications 
  • My Subscriptions
  • Resources
  • Support
  • Profile Menu

Let’s get started 🚀


After you log in to your wildcloud account, you will directly navigate to the Applications page by default.

Click on the Create Application to build your first application.

This will navigate you to the Create new application page providing you with the four options to start creating your application.   

Create from Scratch

Selecting this option will enable you to create your WordPress application from scratch. You will be guided through a setup process where you will name your application, select the data centre where it will reside, and the version of WordPress and PHP that your version will operate on.

For more information on how to create an application from scratch, refer to the Create an Application From Scratch documentation.

Create a Storefront

Selecting this option allows you to create an application that includes a version, snapshot, and tenant. The storefront uses the API feature of wildcloud to set up and manage tenants on the wildcloud platform. This provides the ability to sell tenants and manage subscriptions automatically.

For more information on how to create a Storefront, refer to the Create a Storefront documentation.

Import from existing WordPress site

Selecting this option will allow you to import an existing WordPress application. It will walk you through a setup process to install the existing WordPress site and import it to the console as a version (and optionally as a tenant) in your application.

For more information on how to import an existing application, refer to the Import an Application documentation.

Choose from Application Library

Selecting this option will allow you to create an application from the application library. It will walk you through a setup process to create an application that has some configurations already setup for you, allowing you to quickly scaffold your unique product.

For more information on how to create an application from its library, refer to the Choose from Application library documentation.

My Subscription

Click on the My Subscription option from the left menu bar to view and manage your subscription.

This will navigate you to the subscription page providing the information related to your service plan and the time stamp of the account creation (at the top). 



Service Plan

Current subscription plan.


The timestamp when the account was created.

Subscription Management


This gives an overview of the usage and associated costs for a subscription excluding free tiers such as the Tenant Backup free tier or Snapshot storage free tier and service plan fees. Service Plans are paid in advance, usage is paid in arrears.

For more information, refer to the Monitor Usage for Subscription documentation.


Lists all the invoices which are created per period, per subscription and contains the Service Fee for the coming period and the costs associated with usage of the platform from the previous period.

For more information, refer to the Monitor Invoices for a Subscription documentation.


Provide the option to add and remove the user from the wildcloud account.

For more information, refer to the Add & Remove a User documentation.


Allow quick access to Cancel the Subscription at any time.

For more information, refer to the View, Change, & Cancel Subscription documentation.


Allow easy access to the Knowledge Base of wildcloud containing support articles, product documentation, and tutorials to help you learn how to efficiently use wildcloud and build any type of WordPress application. 


Selecting this option enables users to get backend support from wildcloud. The support feature of wildcloud allows users to report a bug, ask a query, or give feedback.

Click on Support at the bottom left corner of the interface to launch this feature. 

A modal window of Support request appears with three options to choose from.

  • Report a bug
  • Ask a question
  • Give feedback



Report a bug

Select this option to report any issue related to the platform and the support team will provide an efficient solution.

Ask a question

Select this option to ask any query related to using the platform, building an app, and many more.

Give feedback

Select this option to give feedback to the development team.

Profile Menu

Click on your profile icon from the top-right corner of the interface to explore profile management settings and sign-out options. 

For more information, refer to the Manage Your Profile documentation.