Cost Breakdown for a one tenant in a Community Services SaaS for Educators

If you're planning to launch a SaaS platform tailored for educators, such as a community service for school teachers using Buddyboss, this guide will outline the associated costs for one tenant on wildcloud.

Selecting the Right Container

BuddyBoss is a comprehensive platform that supports community engagement, online learning, and event management. To accommodate the interactive features of BuddyBoss, such as forums, messaging, and social learning environments, a Heavy Duty Container is necessary. This container type is equipped to handle the demands of a community platform with weekly events and regular teacher engagement. Here's what a Heavy Duty Container offers:

  • CPU: 2 VCPU
  • Memory: 2048MB
  • Cost per month: $27.00
  • Cost per hour: $0.03424

Scaling Configuration

BuddyBoss provides specific server requirements to ensure optimal performance, especially during periods of high activity. Based on BuddyBoss's guidelines, the following wildcloud configurations are suggested:

  • Minimum (Staging/Pre-launch): 4 CPU cores & 16GB RAM
  • Recommended (Live): 8 CPU cores & 32GB RAM

Translating these requirements to wildcloud's container system, we recommend a scaling configuration that can handle these demands:

  • Minimum Scale: 2 Heavy Duty Containers (each with 2 VCPU and 2048MB RAM, matching the minimum requirement)
  • Maximum Scale: 16 Heavy Duty Containers (to match the live recommendation of 8 CPU cores & 32GB RAM)

This configuration is set on a "per tenant" basis, ensuring that each tenant has dedicated resources to maintain performance. For more information on "per tenant" vs. "absolute" scaling, please refer to our Scaling Guide.

Calculating Peak Utilization

For the purpose of this cost breakdown, we assume peak hours are concentrated around weekly 2-hour events. With 4 events per month, this results in 8 peak hours monthly. This is an illustrative assumption to help calculate potential costs during the busiest times for the community.

Backup and Cronjob Configuration

Cronjobs are set to run every 5 minutes, and weekly backups are scheduled to protect community data.

Backup Cost Calculation

Considering the Buddyboss platform's extensive data usage, let's assume an average of 40GB per tenant. With weekly backups, the total storage used would be:

  • Total Backup Storage per Month: 40GB * 4 weeks = 160GB
  • Paid GBs: 160GB - 5GB free = 155GB chargeable
  • Backup Cost: 155GB * $0.05/GB = $7.75

Detailed Cost Analysis

Standard Traffic Scenario

During non-peak times, the platform experiences minimal traffic, with teachers engaging in messaging and occasional activities. Here's the cost breakdown for a standard month:

  • Base Cost: $2.00
  • Container Cost (Non-peak): Calculated based on 2 Heavy Duty Containers running continuously
  • Container Cost (Peak): Calculated based on the 8 peak hours of usage across 16 Heavy Duty Containers
  • Backups: $7.75
  • Cronjobs: $0.60

To calculate the total, we need to adjust the container costs to reflect the new minimum and maximum scale:

Container Cost (Non-peak) = 2 containers * $27.00/container/month = $54.00

Container Cost (Peak) = 16 containers * $0.03424/hour * 8 hours = $4.39

Total Cost = Base Cost + Container Cost (Non-peak) + Container Cost (Peak) + Backups + Cronjobs

Total Cost = $2.00 + $54.00 + $4.39 + $7.75 + $0.60 = $68.74

Therefore, the total cost for the Standard Traffic Scenario is $68.74 per month for one tenant.

Increased Traffic Scenario (e.g., Additional School Events)

Should there be extra events leading to more traffic, the peak hours and associated costs would be adjusted accordingly. For this guide, we'll use the standard scenario as the baseline.


While the cost breakdown provided here offers a simplified view of potential expenses for a community services SaaS tailored for educators, actual traffic patterns and usage can be more complex and dynamic. The monthly costs for a tenant using a platform like BuddyBoss may typically be around $68.74, factoring in the necessary heavy-duty container for regular weekly events and quieter interludes.

It's important to note that real-life fluctuations in demand could lead to different cost implications each month. To gain insight into how these fluctuations can impact costs in a live environment, we encourage you to read our article on Fluctuating Load and Cost.

The wildcloud team is committed to guiding you towards the most efficient and cost-effective setup for your SaaS. Our pricing model is designed to scale with your needs, ensuring you only pay for the resources you utilize.

For a comprehensive understanding of container configurations and scaling options, please consult our Container Configuration Guide.

Should you require any assistance or have questions, our support team is eager to provide you with the help you need to optimize your platform's performance and cost-efficiency. We invite you to reach out for tailored support on your wildcloud journey.