Adding or updating a plugin

Adding or updating plugins always must be done in a version. The plugins that are on your version will determine the plugins available to the tenants running on that version.

All WordPress websites have some plugins activated to enable some additional functions. You can easily add, install, and manage plugins from the WP admin panel in your version editor.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to add a plugin to your version and creating a new snapshot by clicking the deploy button on your version. This last step will update all theme, language and plugin files that are available to the tenants running on that version!

Let’s get started🚀

Step 1: Log in to your wildcloud account and you will be navigated to the Applications page by default.

Step 2: Click on Go To App of the app in which you want to add a plugin.

Note: You can also click on the application name as it will navigate you to the same window.

Step 3: Click on the Editor button and it will navigate you to the WP admin panel where you can install, add, and manage plugins.

Step 4: Click on Plugins in the WP admin panel.

Step 5: Click on the Add New button to add a new plugin to the selected application.

Step 6: Navigate through the plugins and click on the Install Now button for the plugin that you want to add. For example, BuddyPress.

Step 7: After installing the plugin, navigate back to the wildcloud console and click on the Deploy button to deploy the newly installed plugin.

Note: When you install a new plugin, it will not be immediately available for your tenants. You need to deploy a snapshot in order to utilize a newly installed plugin. You can push your new plugins, themes and language files to the tenants by deploying the current snapshot in the WPCS Console. 

Step 8: Enter the required information in the modal window that appears and click on the Submit button to deploy the plugin via snapshot.

Now, your plugin gets deployed and becomes available to all the tenants running on the multi-tenant environment.